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Main products

Shredder VB 450 + Secondary crusher AS 1500 E used

Primary shredder VB 950

Primary shredder VB 850

Primary shredder VB 750

Primary shredder VB 650

Primary shredder VB 450


Shredder VB 450 + Secondary crusher AS 1500 E used

Secondary shredder HEM 1250 DK

Secondary shredder NZS 1000

Secondary shredder NZS 700

Secondary shredder HEM 400 DK

Secondary shredder AS 1500 E

Secondary shredder PDV 400 E

DP 660 T chopper machine (special) cradle base

Shredder HG 400

Chipper DP 660 E 30 kW

Chipper DP 660 P

Hammer crusher DP 660 M

Chippers DP 660 T (угловая)

Chippers DP 660 E (special)

Chippers DP 660 T

Рубальна машина DP 660 T (спеціальна)

Shredding complex DP 660 MK

Shredder HG 600

Latest news

  • (Ukrainian) Христос Воскрес! Воістину Воскрес!

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian and Russian.

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Olnova JV LLC congratulates all partners and employees on New Year and Merry Christmas! May your hearts be warmed with love and warmth, homes filled with kindness, joy and blessing of God, and eyes glowing with happiness. May the New Year be generous with exciting plans, new achievements and professional …

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  • Forestry competition

    Regional forestry competitions took place in the Busk district. At what company Olnova represented its shredders HG 600 D and the new shredder DP660 T (Special) on the wheelbase.

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  • Аgro 2019

    Company “Olnova” invites you to visit our booth at the AGRO 2019 exhibition, which will be held June 4th-7th at the address of Ukraine, Kiev, Akademika Glushkova Avenue 1. This year we brought to the exhibition a new tree chopper machine that you can see.

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  • 22 years of joint work of “Olnova”

    On the occasion of the twenty-second anniversary of the firm, we congratulate the Olnova team on this event. During this period, our team has been hardening in the process of development and establishment of the firm successfully overcome the obstacles and difficulties on the way of our activities. Dear employees, …

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About us

Ukrainian enterprise “OLNOVA” was founded in May 1997. OLNOVA has been in recycling industry for more than 22 years. Excellent product quality has made the “OLNOVA” the market leader in production of machines for processing various types of materials: household waste, C&D waste, mixed waste, byproducts of woodworking industry (green waste, dry wood, railway sleepers, and tree roots), paper rolls, stones and soil.

At the initial stage of development, the company employed 15 people, but every year with the growth of production and increased output, it increased and the number of workers, which currently amounts to about 250 people. This is a great team of experts in the field of development and engineering, production and marketing. Since 2001 the company provides an equipping and assembly of units for machinery for the shredding of wood (primary and secondary crushers).In 2002 the first shredding turnkey machine was manufactured.

OLNOVA company specializes in development, commissioning, decommissioning, installation of individual machines and entire facilities of recycling equipment which corresponds to all the safety requirements and best operational parameters.

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