Briefly about the company

Joint Ukrainian-German enterprise “OLNOVA” was founded in may 1997 with the participation of the German company “HAMMEL Recyclіngtechnіk GmbH”. Firm “HAMMEL Recyclіngtechnіk is on the market for more than 20 years. Excellent product quality have made the company “HAMMEL” and her partner, the company JV “OLNOVA”, the market leaders in production of machines for grinding various production wastes: household, construction, mixed music, waste timber production (green and dry wood, sleepers, tree roots) , rolls of paper and foil, stones and earth.

Firm “OLNOVA works closely with its partner from Germany, constantly working to improve the technical level of its products. During this collaboration, our workers and designers went for training in Germany, and German specialists came to Ukraine to deepen the knowledge of the employees of the firm.

At the initial stage of development, the company employed 15 people, but every year, with the growth of production and increased output, increased and the number of workers, which currently amounts to about 250 people. This is a great team of experts in the field of development and design, production and marketing.Since 2001, the company provides a full packing list and Assembly units for machinery for the grinding of wood (primary and secondary crushers), and in 2002 was made the first crushing machine “turnkey” .

Firm “OLNOVA” deals with development, design, mounting and installation of individual machines and entire complexes pererabatyvaemogo technology design which meets all the safety requirements and best operational parameters.