Hammer crusher DP 660 M

Application Hammer crusher

Torotoro hammer crusher DP 660 M driven by an electric motor, designed for grinding technology and fuel chips, shavings, wood, pieces of bark, small wood waste that are formed during the production of lumber and plywood, as well as other bio-products to the desired fraction.

Received small fraction is used in process lines for the production of fuel briquettes and pellets), special porous brick, wood-plastic materials, to obtain bioactive substances, physical and chemical processes. An important condition for the application drobilki is to work indoors on dry raw materials.

Principle of operation Hammer crusher

By the electric motor through the V-belt pulleys, the rotation is transmitted to the shafts of the rotors. The rotor consists of a Central shaft and discs are structurally associated with four axles, each of which sit freely hammers. Under the action of centrifugal force of inertia of the hammers is the radial position and the input material is crushed into a fine fraction. Ready crushed fraction passing through the sieve at the inlet of the centrifugal fan and exhausted out of the machine.


Model DP 660 M
Type fixed
Crushing Mechanism single rotor
Rotor Type device
Drive the electric motor 45 kW; 1500 rpm
Performance 1.5 tons/h
Material Feed mechanical metered-dose, manual
The selection of the crushed material air
The Number of revolutions of the rotor rpm 1800
Rotor Diameter, mm 675
The Number of hammers on the rotor 72
Dimensions crushing waste:
mm 40 mm
Width, mm 20 mm
Thickness, mm 5 mm
Size fractions at the outlet:
mm 3-5
Width, mm 1-2
Thickness, mm 1-2
Mesh Size, mm 8
overall dimensions:
mm 1880
Height (mm) 1840
Width, mm 1000
Weight kg 1900

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