Shredder VB 450 + Secondary crusher AS 1500 E used

The VB 450 type chopper is designed for grinding various wood waste (raw and dry wood, tree roots, pellets, cable reels, sleepers), household and construction waste. This shredder is equipped with a modern diesel or electric motor and can be manufactured either in the stationary or in the mobile version.

W crusher AS 1500 E is intended for grinding large wood waste, including pallets, boxes, door and window frames, as well as other wood wastes.

The chip fraction thus obtained has a size of 3 to 7 mm, depending on the structure, can be used as an additional raw material for the wood processing industry in the production of chipboard, or thermally recycled in combustion systems. The final dimensions of the chip fraction at the outlet depend on the size of the openings of the installed sieve. By installing the system of sieves it is possible to divide the chips by fractions. On a grinder it is possible to install a magnetic drive roller of an unloading conveyor for partial separation of metal inclusions.

The line with conveyor 12 M is in use, with the use of the line is 1000 m / h.
technical characteristics:
Shredder type VB 450 –
W grinder AS 1500 E –

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