Shredding complex DP 660 MK

Designed for shredding wood waste: how it works: lagging, rails, slabs, tops and branches of trees in a small fraction of 1-3 mm.

The resulting fraction is used in process lines for production of fuel briquettes and pellets), special porous brick, wood-plastic materials, for obtaining biologically active substances, physical and chemical processes. The complex consists of two stages: I – disk crusher for crushing wood into chips, II hammer mill grinds wood chips to a minimum fraction.

In a disc crusher loaded waste Ø 160 mm, width 240 mm. Chipper tighten the wood by means of rollers. In case you installed contri and drive with 2 rublenymi blades and 4 blades for output chips. Chips blown trisodium and into the bin with an auger fed into the hammer mill. By the electric motor through pulleys clanarena transmission, the rotation is transmitted to the rotor shaft. The rotor consists of a Central shaft and discs are structurally associated with four axles, each of which freely rotating hammers. Under the action of centrifugal force hammers is the radial position and the crushed material is fed to the fine fraction. Ready crushed fraction passing through the sieve in the outlet of a centrifugal fan and is discharged from the machine


Model Milling complex
Type fixed
Power consumption, kW 80
The Number of chipper machines on disk machine, PCs 2
Shredding disc, mm Ø 800
Volume of bin, m3 1,5
Performance (depending on moisture), m3/hour (t/h) 1-3 (0,5-1,5)
The Selection of the crushed material air
Rotor Diameter, mm 675
The Number of hammers on the rotor 74
the size of the input waste:
mm 300
Width, mm 240
Diameter mm Ø160
The size of the shredded waste, mm 1-6
Size of screen mesh hammer mill, mm 8-10-12
mm 5300
Height (mm) 4000
Width, mm 4500
Weight of the complex, kg 3000

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