Chipper DP 660 P

Derivatively machine rotary type DP 660 R (R – rotary type) driven by a motor, is suitable for crushing lumpy wood waste that are formed during the production of lumber and plywood, as well as pieces of bark, wood chips.

Applies to: sawmills, logging companies, sawmills, pulp and paper mills, as well as in municipal services.
The use of wood chips: production of chipboard and fiberboard, the production of fuel briquettes for heating in boilers and more.


Model DP 660 P
Type stationary, electric
Rotor knife
The Drive shredding the electric motor 30 kW; 1500 rpm
Capacity, ton/HR 2-4
The Number of revolutions of the rotor rpm 1800
Rotor Diameter, mm 430
Size of crushed wood:
Thickness, mm 100 mm
Width, mm 450 mm
mm 450 mm
Size fractions of wood chips output:
mm 5-20
Width, mm 5-10
Thickness, mm 5-10
Mesh Size:
Height (mm) 30
Width, mm 25
The position of the feed hopper vertical
The Type of the ejection chips bottom
Overall dimensions:
mm 1470
Height (mm) 1720
Width, mm 1180
Weight, kg 1080

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