Chippers DP 660 T

Derivatively machine 660 DP T (Tabarka, depoprovera)

Derivatively machine 660 DP T (mounted on tractor) – is designed for grinding of wood waste: how it works: lagging, rails, slabs, tops and branches of trees into chips.
Applies to: sawmills, logging companies, sawmills, pulp and paper mills, as well as in municipal services.
The use of wood chips : production of chipboard and fiberboard, the production of fuel briquettes for heating in boilers and more.

Technical data:

  • Disc type with two rubocki knives and one knife that is regulated.
  • Crushing disk:
  • diameter 800 mm
  • thickness 40 mm
  • Size of crushed wood:
  • diameter up to 160 mm
  • width up to 240 mm
  • length of 300 mm and more
  • Size fractions of wood chips output: 10 – 40mm
  • Сapacity up for: 8 cubic meters per hour.
  • Pipe the discharge of chips easily rotates 360°
  • ejection Height chip: up to 3 m

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic system is used when feeding wood into the working area
  • In the main building has two satguy rollers with teeth-width 235 mm
  • Each roller has a separate hydraulic drive the hydraulic motors
  • hydraulic Motors are driven by hydraulic pump.
  • Garotaspeladas allows you to change the direction of rotation of rollers
  • Hydraulic system includes an oil filter and the oil level


Power consumption, kW. (count. s.) 30(40)
Rotational speed of the disk, about./min. 1000
The feed Rate of wood, M. S. 0,5
Max. capacity, cubic meters/hour. 8
The Height of release of raw materials, M. 3,0
Mm 1800
The Height of the pipe, mm 2800
The Height of the pipe, mm 1700
Width, mm 1400
Weight kg 760

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