Secondary shredder NZS 1000

The secondary shredder NZS 1000 is designed for secondary crushing of waste wood, after primary shredder type VB, in a smaller fraction. The particle size is from 10 to 40 mm, and it can, depending on the structure to be used in the woodworking industry or be thermally recycled. Ultimate particle size depends on the output from the cell size of the set of sieves. To set the system screens is designed to distribute the chips on fractions. The shredder has a metal detector and, if necessary, you can install a magnetic separator for separating metallic impurities.

Scope and performance:

  • Old and used wood
  • Mixed wood
  • Roots
  • Cable reels and pellets
  • Telephone poles


  • High capacity: from 20 to 50 t/h (depending on the size and type of crushed material)
  • Transportation
  • Hydraulically conveyor Assembly
  • ESD System
  • Remote control
  • Worn working knives are easy to replace
  • Minor energy consumption
  • Minor highlighting noise and dust


Model NZS 1000 D NZS 1000 E
Type fixed fixed
Drive Diesel engine Motor
kW 400 HP (250 kW) 180 kW
Capacity, t/h 20-50 20-50
Size of crushed material, mm 150-500 150-500
Size of crushed material, mm 10-40 10-40
Rotational speed of the rotor, min -1 1300 1300
The height of the discharge of the crushed material, mm 3400 3400
Shipping Width, mm 2800 2800
Shipping Height, mm 2900 2900
The length of the transport, mm 6800 6800
Width in the operation, mm 6500 6500
Operating Altitude, mm 4200 4200
Power consumption, kW/ton 5 kW/ton 5 kW/ton
Weight, tonnes 15 15

Additional equipment:

  • Belt magnetic separator to remove metal objects
  • Water spray System
  • System of sieves or sifters to separate the material into fractions
  • To NZS 1000 E – current generator

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