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in customer service the company JV LLC “Olnova”

Always ready to provide expert assistance and solve any technical problems operation hogging equipment manufacturing company HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik, SP “OLNOVA” . The service provides its services, adhering to the manufacturer’s requirements outlined in the operating instructions, passport or other technical documentation.

In Mounting and semonti;

  • commissioning
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs;
  • scheduled maintenance
  • staff training
  • OEM spare parts

The service is equipped with special equipment and tools required for quick and quality repair work. The servicing and repairs are performed by experienced and highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field, and in the stationary shop of the company “Olnova”. We have a stock of spare parts for smooth, prompt response to any call. You can be assured that your equipment will not stand in waiting for the masters in the event of a problem.

in commissioning

In the process, checks the equipment, the technical condition and operability of equipment examines current conditions and provided recommendations.

in Warranty repairs

Troubleshooting caused by a manufacturing defect and the replacement of parts or units that have failed in the warranty period.

in Scheduled maintenance

The complex of works which includes:

  • flushing and cleaning,
  • mounting,
  • controlling and tuning,
  • checking the technical state of devices, units and assemblies;
  • replacement filters
  • oil changes
  • topping up and changing operational liquids in volume to the established regulations.

The company provides a high level of service, so during each visit, our engineer not only eliminates the disadvantages, but also conducts the necessary hardware diagnostics and provides a full conclusion containing recommendations for necessary changes, to ensure the continuity of its work.

in personal service of the chopper

The complex of works connected with individual service specific equipment (after expiration of the warranty period), leading to increased lifetime of the equipment and ease operation in the current environment. And the replacement of individual devices, units for the purpose of ensuring the reliability of equipment operation and prevention of failures.

  • Replacement, restoration, cladding of shafts
  • Restoration and surfacing combs;
  • Restoration corps shafts
  • Installation, dismantling breakbulk-strainer;
  • Replacement of the tape unloading (loading) Transporter;
  • Replacement belt magnetic separator;
  • Replacement of the gearbox;
  • Replacement of an axial piston pump
  • Replacement axial piston hydraulic motor
  • Replacement the Draper motor
  • Replacement hydraulic cylinders
  • Replacement conveyor rollers
  • Replacement sprocket and chain drive conveyor drive
  • replacing the PVR
  • Replacement and adjustment of parameters of pressure sensors 33D;
  • Replacement and adjustment of the parameters of temperature sensor
  • Replacement of the level sensor haramase;
  • Replacement and setup remote control
  • Replacement filters, oils, antifreeze;
  • Diagnose and repair electrical system;
  • Diagnose and repair hydraulic systems.

Training, consultations

Theoretical and practical training of operators (engineers), working with equipment, as well as theoretical and practical training on equipment maintenance to the extent necessary to ensure equipment uptime.

Explanations and information that contribute to the correct and effective operation of the equipment, assistance and advice on equipment selection, spare parts.

in Mode

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