In agriculture for animal feed is used coniferous-vitamin flour, enriched in carotene, protein and vitamins. 15 kg of flour contains 60-90 mg of carotene, chlorophyll, cellulose, essential oil. A ton of flour from the leaves and needles can balance 33-36 tons of feed.

The amount of agricultural waste is among the leaders. Grape seed contains up to 45% oil grape, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Straw can be used as raw material for the production of paper, pulp and dietary fiber. On pig complexes with 100 thousand head of cattle and produces up to 15 thousand tons of meat per year to produce 1 million m3 of manure.

They are extremely reactive via a high content of urea, require the construction of expensive stations microbiological purification. Almost 80% of the nitrogen and phosphorus contained in the waste, bacteria convert into biomass. Every year on one such complex is made up of 9 thousand tons of biomass. In each ton contains 90 kg of nitrogen, 40 kg phosphorus and 20 kg of potassium. As fertilizer such biomass 20 times better than cow dung, it increases crop yields by 50 to 60%.