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We offer a complete technical solution for crushing and sorting of household, commercial and non-toxic mixed municipal solid waste. Plant is used in landfills, or separately constructed plants for crushing and sorting of different waste: household waste, mixed waste, construction waste, organic and inorganic waste, waste paper and polymers.

Productivity 10.15 tons/hr.
Total length 3113 mm
Width 9150 mm
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The Line consists of:

  • Hopper 
  • Trommel type drum
  • Picking station


Hopper has capacity of 2m3. (In the case of picking station being equipped with shredding machine then a loading is done directly from the conveyor of the shredder).

The hopper is equipped with a removable side frame which can be moved depending on loading side.

Infeed conveyor delivers materials from the hopper to the trommel. The hopper is equipped with an emergency stop button for conveyor.

Conveyor drive: gear motor 5.5 kW.; conveyor belt with corrugated surface: width 1.0 m, length 6.1 m, a belt speed of 2.5 m/sec.

Bunker dimensions:

Length 2.5 m.

Width 1.6 m;

Height 1.5 m.

Weight of the hopper 1.8 t.

Trommel type drum

The material is fed into the trommel drum  by a conveyor from the hopper, which is suitable for sieving of organic and bio-waste. Trommel is a metal construction drum type with internal auger, lined with metal mesh two sections with dimensions 30×30 mm and 50×50mm, which are put onto a metal frame. On the inside of the trommel there is a placed knife to break plastic bags.

When the drum rotates, the material goes through the separator: 30% of the material, mainly organic and bio-waste. Screened material can be used for recultivation of the landfill or for further composting.

The trommel drive rotates by 4 wheels from one of the  5.5 kW. gear motors.

The rotation speed of the drum is 9.1 rpm.

The trommel diameter is 3.2 m, length of the separator of 7.3 m, total height of 6.3 m.

Trommel can be equipped with restrictive plates that are attached to the supports or bin for waste.

Picking station

After sieving inside the drum the rest of the bulk material on the conveyor is delivered into picking station for manual sorting of waste for certain types: paper, plastic waste, wood, leather, glass, metal, etc. Processed raw material is collected in storage bins with a volume of 0.2 m3. The bottom of the hopper is arranged in a way that by means of the counterweight allows you to adjust the amount of raw materials. After the weight of the raw material reaches the needed value, the bottom is opened and the waste is poured into the container, placed under picking station. The number and type of containers depends on transporting capabilities. The number of work places in the picking station depends on the amount of waste that can be sorted, which is between 8 or 16 workers.

The picking station is equipped with ventilation, heating system, lighting and emergency stop buttons of the conveyor, located between workplaces on the frame of the conveyor. It also has an electric remote control panel for the entire station.

The rest of the material that remains from the processing goes to landfill.
Width of the belt 1.4 m, a belt speed of 0.1 – 0.3 m/sec.

Length of the picking station with conveyor 15,5 m, width 4.6 m.

Total weight of 6.5 tons.

The plant is mounted on a solid, leveled surface, if installing onto concrete or asphalt surface, mounting pillars of the picking station and the trommel have a metal plates to reduce the pressure on the surface.

There is also the option of additional manufacturing and installation of various containers, conveyors, magnets, pressure plates.

We offer: planning; production; commissioning; training; warranty and service; supply of components and spare parts.
There is also the possibility of additional manufacturing of various containers, conveyors, etc.

  • Productivity
    10.15 tons/hr.
  • Total length
    3113 mm
  • Width
    9150 mm
  • Height
    6240 mm
  • The speed of the raw materials in the sorting cabi
    0.3 m/sec
  • Drum speed
    9.1 rpm
  • The size of the hole of the drum mesh
    50*50 mm
  • The height of the gap under the drum
    3000 mm
  • The height of the gap under the cabin
    3000 mm
  • Height of emission of waste from a cabin
    4140 mm
  • Number of jobs in the cabin
    8-12 man
  • The width of the belt of the loading conveyor
    1000 mm
  • Cab conveyor belt width
    1400 mm
  • Power consumption
    380 V
  • Total line power consumption
    22.82 kW (full)

«OLNOVA» offers:

  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Guarantee
  • Supply of components and spare parts
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