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Secondary shredder HEM 400 DK HEM 400 DK
Secondary shredder HEM 400 DK
Secondary shredder HEM 400 DK

HEM 400 DK – designed for grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The obtained fraction has a bulk density of one cubic meter of raw materials more than 1000 kg, its size is from 30 to 60 mm. The final particle size at the output depend on the size of the holes of the set of sieves. With the installation of a system of sifters after unloading conveyor, it is possible to achieve separation of the material into fractions. The grinders can be set magnetic drum and extra side conveyor that will deliver on the yield of pure material without impurities plastics, wood, glass, rubber, non-ferrous metals.

Type mobile on tracks
Drive diesel engine
Power 261 hp/kW
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Scope and performance:

  • Shredding non-ferrous metals
  • Nickel Grinding 
  • Waste Crushing after primary shredder


  • Mobility and maneuverability.
  • Emergency shutdown system.
  • Remote radio control.
  • Hydraulical conveyor 
  • Minor noise and dust emission
  • Able to operate along with the primary shredders
  • Type
    mobile on tracks
  • Drive
    diesel engine
  • Power
    261 hp/kW
  • Productivity
    5-8 tons/hr.
  • The size of the grinding material
    150-250 mm
  • The size of the crushed material
    30-60 mm
  • Rotor diameter
    580 mm
  • Rotor length
    1400 mm
  • Rotor speed
    900 rpm
  • Height of ejection of crushed material
    2750 mm
  • Width during transportation
    2400 mm
  • Height during transportation
    2700 mm
  • Length during transportation
    6650 mm
  • Length during operation
    7800 mm
  • Width during operation
    4200 mm
  • Height during operation
    2900 mm
  • Management
    radio remote
  • Weight
    16 ton

Additional equipment:

  • Magnetic roller for retrieving metal objects
  • Water spray system
  • System of sieves or sifters to separate the material into fractions
  • Modification and integration of the equipment on the customer's request.

«OLNOVA» offers:

  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Guarantee
  • Supply of components and spare parts
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