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Customer service from OLNOVA LLC

Customer service of OLNOVA LLC

We are always ready to provide a professional assistance and solve any technical issues with recycling equipment. Our technicians provide services, which comply with manufacturer’s requirements specified in the operating instructions and other technical documentation.

  • commissioning
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs
  • scheduled maintenance
  • staff training
  • supplying with original spare parts

The maintenance personnel is equipped with special tools which are required for a quick and high quality repair works. The maintenance and repair works are performed by experienced and highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field. We have a stock of spare parts for seamless and prompt response to any enquiry. We make sure that your equipment won’t be idling in anticipation of technicians if any need for the maintenance or repair works occurs.

We check the equipment, technical conditions, operability of equipment, and provide recommendations.

Warranty repairs
Troubleshooting, replacement of parts or units which are malfunctioning within a warranty period.

Scheduled maintenance
The variety of works including the following:

  • flushing and cleaning
  • mounting
  • adjusting and tuning
  • checking the technical state of devices, units and assemblies
  • filter replacement
  • oil replacement / refilling
  • refilling and replacement of operational liquids in volume according to the established requirements.

We provide a high level of services. Our engineers not only resolve issues, but also conduct the necessary hardware diagnostics and provide a full conclusion including recommendations for necessary changes to ensure the continuous operation.

Individual services for the shredder

  • Replacement, restoration, shielding of shafts
  • Restoration and refurbishing of side combs
  • Restoration of shafts bodies
  • Installation, dismantling of breaker bars and trommel screens
  • Replacement of the belt for discharging and loading conveyor
  • Replacement of an over band magnetic separator
  • Replacement of the gearbox;
  • Replacement of an axial piston pump
  • Replacement axial piston hydraulic motor
  • Replacement of hydraulic lead conveyor motor
  • Replacement hydraulic cylinders
  • Replacement conveyor rollers
  • Replacement of sprockets and chain drive of conveyor’s drive
  • Replacement of the PVR plate
  • Replacement and adjustment of parameters of pressure sensors
  • Replacement and adjustment of the parameters of temperature sensor
  • Replacement of the hydraulic oil sensor
  • Replacement and setup of remote control
  • Replacement of filters, oils, antifreeze liquids
  • Diagnostics and repair of electrical system
  • Diagnostics and repair of hydraulic system

Training and consultation

Theoretical and practical training of operators, engineers, who are working with equipment as well as theoretical and practical training on equipment maintenance is necessary to ensure steady equipment uptime.

We provide all guidance and information which contribute to the correct and effective operation of the equipment, assistance and pieces advice on equipment selection, spare parts.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m.